Grupo Herdez: Share

Ticker symbol HERDEZ*
Ratio n/a
Exchange MSE

Mexican Stock Exchange

Country Mexico
Trading Currency MXP

Mexican Pesos

Effective Date Oct 31, 1991
Bloomberg Ticker HERDEZ* MM Equity


Grupo Herdez is part of the following Mexican Stock Exchange indexes:

a) Price Indexes (Performance based on price variation of a compounded weighted sample)

  • IMC30
  • IPC CompMx
  • IPC Sustentable (Sustainable MSE Index)
  • BMV – Consumo Frecuente (MSE – Frequent Consumption)
  • BMV – Transforma (MSE – Transforms)

b) Total Return Indexes (Calculations take dividends into account)

  • IRT CompMx
  • IPC Sustentable RT (Sustainable MSE Index)
  • BMV – Consumo Frecuente RT (MSE – Frequent Consumption)
  • BMV – Transforma RT (MSE – Transforms)

Index Description

  • IMC30 (Mid Capitalization Index): this index assembles companies with mid and high trading, however due to their market capitalization they are not part of the CPI.
  • CPI CompMX / IRT CompMx (Compound Index): reflects the behavior of the most representative stocks, gathering the biggest 60 companies listed on the MSE, according to their liquidity and size.
  • CPI Sustainable /CPI Sustainable RT (Sustainable Index): tracks companies that have obtained the sustainable mark to excel in social, environmental and corporate governance matters, based on their liquidity and size.
  • MSE Frequent Consumption/ MSE Frequent Consumption RT: invertible sectoral index representing the behavior of the most liquid stock series of frequent consumer products sector.
  • MSE – Transform / MSE Transform RT: economic activity index that shows the performance of the trading stock market series of the manufacturing industry.

Investors Relations Contact

  • Grecia Domínguez Leyva: Investors Relations Manager, Email:, Phone: +52 (55) 5201-5602
  • Luis Fernando Acevedo Mendoza: Financial Analyst Investors Relations, Email:, Phone: 5201-5600 Ext. 1052