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Our headquarters are located in Mexico City, Monte Pelvoux 215, Lomas de Chapultepec. Alcaldía Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México. C.P. 11000, México.

We also have locations in 15 states in Mexico with our production and distribution centers.

You can check and apply to our job openings at the Join the family section.

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The company participates in a wide range of categories that include homemade salsas,
organic products, honey, ice cream, marmalade, mayonnaise, mole, mustard, pasta,
spices, tea, tomato puree, tuna, among others. We market more than 1,500 products
through our exceptional brand portfolio, which includes: Aires de Campo, Barilla, Blasón,
Búfalo, Cielito Querido Café, Del Fuerte, Doña María, Embasa, Helados Nestlé®, Herdez,
McCormick, Moyo, Nutrisa, Wholly Guacamole and Yemina. Additionally, the Company
has distribution agreements for the following products in Mexico: Betty Crocker, Fiber One,
Frank’s, French’s, Häagen-Dazs, Kids Bar, Kikkoman, Pillsbury, Nature Valley y Reynolds.

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You can contact us at the number 01 800 68 100 22 or please send an email to with the
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  • Motive of the report
  • Chi-Chi’s®: Chili, dips, microwave dishes, salsas, seasoning, tortillas, tostadas, and
    tortilla chips.
  • Don Miguel®: Frozen Mexican food (burritos, chimichangas, empanadas, enchiladas,
    flautas, tacos, and quesadillas).
  • Doña María®: Nopalitos and mole.
  • Embasa®: Nopalitos, peppers, and salsa.
  • Herdez®: Pork rinds, homemade salsa, tortillas, and tortilla chips.
  • La Victoria®: Chiles, homemade salsa, salsa for enchiladas, and hot sauce.
  • Wholly Avocado®: Processed avocado.
  • Wholly Guacamole®: Guacamole.

Yes, we have more than 600 points of sale in Mexico with the Cielito Querido Café,
Lavazza, Moyo, and Nutrisa brands.

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We are a leading company in the processed food industry in Mexico with more than 100
years of experience, and one of the main participants in the ice cream category, as well we
participate in the coffee shop industry in the country. We have a diversified portfolio

integrated by more than 25 brands leaders on the market such as McCormick, Barilla,
Herdez, Del Fuerte, Nutrisa, Moyo, Cielito Querido Café, among others.
Our sustained growth is backed by more than 100 years of experience and the
commitment of our collaborators towards our institutional values and sustainability
strategy. The experience of our management team and Board members allows us to
maintain a sound financial structure that gives us greater flexibility and advantages in the
daily operation of the business. We seek to implement technologies that enable us to
accelerate innovation processes, and talent and infrastructure development to support
desired growth always with a focus on conserving resources such as water, energy, and
the environment.

  • CAGR 5 years sales +7.6%.
  • CAGR 5 years EBITDA +6.4%.
  • CAGR 5 years net income +11.4%.
  • ROIC 2019 11.7%

Aggregate figures at the closing of Q320

CAGR = Compound Annual Growth Rate

ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) = Operating Income / (Consolidated Equity + Total
Debt) (annual average of the past two fiscal years of end balances)


Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores)
Common Stock
Ticker Symbol: HERDEZ*
Series: registered (*)

Since October 31, 1991.

By contacting the Brokerage Firm of your choice.

390,761,484 shares of common stock

56% of the shares of common stock belong to Hechos Con Amor, the remaining 44%
constitute public float.

The Company has a minimum dividend payment policy of at least 20% of the net income
of the previous year. In the past 5 years, Grupo Herdez has paid on average 54%.

From 2016 to date, the dividend has been paid on an annual basis in two installments, the
first between the months of May and June, and the second between the months of
September and October. The amount payable in dividends is authorized in the Annual
Ordinary Shareholders Meeting that is usually held in April.

For Grupo Herdez, fiscal periods coincide with the calendar year, i.e., from January 01 to
December 31 of each year.

Yes, Grupo Herdez has issued the following bonds:

  • HERDEZ 13, for a total amount of $2 billion pesos, for a term of 10 years maturing
    November 2023.
  • HERDEZ 17, for a total amount of $2 billion pesos, for a term of 10 years maturing
    May 2027.
  • HERDEZ 20, for a total amount of $2.5 billion pesos, for a term of 10 years
    maturing August 2030.
  • HERDEZ 20-2, for a total amount of $1 billion pesos, for a term of 5 years maturing
    August 2025.

For more detailed information on our bonds, see the Investors section.

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At Grupo Herdez, we are committed to the social and environmental needs of the places
where we operate, and we seek for our programs and projects to be more and more aimed
towards a sustainability vision.

Our Sustainability Strategy is focused on 3 action pillars:

  • People: Focused on promoting inclusion, diversity, and equality of opportunity. For
    the main purpose of generating quality jobs, it heightens gender equality, decent
    work, and economic growth. (SDG 5 and 8)
  • Community: It encompasses the commitment of the Company towards the
    nutritional health of our stakeholders, always seeking to generate more value and
    helping them through healthy habits, aligned with the purpose of our brands. (SDG
  • Planet: It ensures adequate resource management, and it bets on ecological
    balance and a more sustainable world. (SDG 6, 12, and 13)

Find out more at Sustainability.

In 2015, 17 Global Goals were established by the United Nations as a universal call to end
poverty, protect the planet, and guarantee that all people have peace and prosperity by

Our sustainability strategy is aligned to 6 Sustainable Development Goals, for the purpose
of positively contributing to these commitments.

  • People: SDG 05 – Gender equality and SDG 08 – Decent work and
    economic growth
  • Community: SDG 02 – Zero Hunger
  • Planet: SDG 06 – Clean water and
    sanitation, SDG 12 – Responsible
    production and consumption and SDG 13 – Climate action

Fundación Herdez has the purpose of researching, promoting, and educating Mexico on
its cuisine, promoting the products extracted from Mexican soil, with an anthropological,
social, historical, nutritional, industrial, and biodiversity approach.
Through Fundación Herdez, we implement different actions regarding social responsibility,
promotion of food research and development with a scientific, cultural, social, and
philanthropic aim.

Find out more at

To request donations, contact Fundación Herdez at:
Tel: (55) 5522 8860, (55) 5522 5544

Saber Nutrir is the social responsibility program of Grupo Herdez, which contributes to
improving the quality of life of Mexican families that have nutritional vulnerability, for the
purpose of contributing to the development and wellbeing of children of our supported

Find out more at:

Facebook       Instagram

For Grupo Herdez, it is crucial to work under a sustainability vision that enables us to
anticipate and manage the impacts derived from environmental changes, to guarantee the
sustained growth of our operations.
Each of our business units has change agents that, jointly with other departments of the
Company and our stakeholders, design strategies, directives, and policies aimed at
generating actions that favor environmental care and protection; this way, we promote a
culture of respect, care, and synergy that enables us to overcome the climate, social, and
political change that we face on a yearly basis.

See our environmental results and performance at Planet.

  • For the past 12 years, we have been recognized as a Socially Responsible
    Company by the CEMEFI.
  • We were ranked second in internal efficiency and sustainability good practices, and
    in the relationship and commitment with the environment, of the ranking of the 30
    Mexican Green Companies, of Empresas Verdes.
  • We were ranked sixth in the food industry of the Merco Ranking of Social
    Responsibility and Governance in 2019.
  • In 2020, we obtained a rating of AA (8.0/10) on ESG by MSCI (Morgan Stanley
    Capital Investments), a firm that provides close to 1,000 daily indices on shares,
    bonds, and hedge funds worldwide for the past 35 years.
  • We were placed among the 29 companies that compose the S&P / BMV Total
    Mexico ESG Index of the Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores).
  • In 2020, we were chosen as a success story of SDG integration to the business
    strategy for a GRI, PwC, and Global Compact workshop.
  • In 2018, we received the bronze Effie in the Positive Environmental Impact
    category for the Recicla la Lata Campaign.
  • 7 of our 13 plants have the Clean Industry Certificate.

The CONFIANZA line is the channel designed by the Company to timely and confidentially
address any situation that requires special attention related to violations of the Code of
Ethics, internal policies, corruption, among others.

Tel. 01 800 CONFIANZA

The complaints received through the CONFIANZA Line are monitored by an external
provider that periodically shares a consolidated report with the Human Resources
department and the Internal Audit Department.


  • 2020: We launched the first edition of Semillero Nutrisa. Together with Nutrisa and the Victoria147 business academy for women, we invited women entrepreneurs to participate in a training program to improve the management of their businesses and have the potential to become part of our supply chain.

We established our first technological alliance with Google, which will allow us to accelerate the digital transformation of Grupo Herdez through the use of Google Cloud Platform tools such as BigQuery ML, Looker, among others.

Through the Herdez® brand and Aires de Campo® we joined the “Sowing a New Normality” initiative, promoted by the civil society organizations Ríos Tarango and Ectágono, which aims to increase the vegetation cover of the environmentally valuable area Barranca de Tarango.

  • 2021: We developed the Group’s second proprietary e-commerce platform, with the Nutrisa® online store.

We updated the apps through which we manage the loyalty programs of our retail brands, Cielito Querido Café® and Nutrisa®, improving our customers’ in-store experience.

During the year, 15 formulas had their nutritional profile strengthened by reducing some critical added nutrients (sugars, sodium and saturated fats).

  • 2022: We expanded our capabilities into new categories through the acquisition of Interdeli and Deli, Dips & Snacks. Integrating brands such as Libanius, Flaveur, Liguria and Señor Cactus into our portfolio.

We Issued the first sustainability bond through which we
committed to a 25% reduction in our water consumption.

Together with our partner McCormick & Company, Inc. we
brought the most iconic Mexican cuisine to the tables of the United Kingdom
through meal kits, sauces and condiments under the Herdez® brand.
  In less than a year, we obtained a 5.5% shelf
share in the Tesco supermarket chain.

We consolidated the integration of Chilim Balam® into retail brands, a leading brand in the snack segment