Over 100 years of experience and legacy

We are leaders in the processed food sector, and an important player in the ice cream category in Mexico as well as in the Mexican food segment in the United States.

Our Values

The above is reflected in the quality of our products and services resulting from our work and, therefore, in the opinion that our clients and consumers have about us.

Our legacy

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We act correctly since we manage the resources entrusted to us with responsibility and transparency, and we show absolute respect for the property of others (material honesty); since we state with clarity what we think and believe (intellectual honesty); and since we behave according to the rules and principles of the company, always considering the consequences of our actions (moral honesty).


We fulfill our commitments and, whenever is possible, we exceed
expectations by seeking better ways of doing things, and considering that we are responsible for ensuring that the results of our activities contribute to adding value to the processes in which we participate.


We build our team based on achieving shared goals, adding talent and commitment, being open to the diversity of opinions, knowledge, and abilities, since collaboration, respect, and mutual support constitute the cornerstone of our relations.


It is the consequence of our conduct aligned with the values of Grupo Herdez; it is the result of honest behavior, result-orientation, and teamwork, connecting the three values at the same time, integrating them as a coherent set full of meaning.


  • 1914 – We established Compañía Comercial Herdez in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, as a distributor of toiletries and personal care products.

  • 1918 – At age 24, Don Ignacio Hernández del Castillo founded his first company in San Luis Potosí: La Razón newspaper. With little experience in journalism, but with an innate ability for business, the newspaper was recognized for sales and promotion activities and for its philanthropic fundraising initiatives.


In 1929 Don Ignacio Hernández del Castillo joins Compañía Comercial Herdez as Sales Manager, responsible for product imports and supplier relations.


In 1933 the vision and optimism of  Don Ignacio Hernández del Castillo led him to become the owner of the Company. In that decade, we became a pioneer in the launch of creative offers to market our products, developing sales, advertising, and promotion programs to face an uncertain economic outlook.


  • 1945 –  Enrique and Ignacio Hernández-Pons, sons of Don Ignacio, joined the Company to take responsibility for sales, manufacturing, and warehouse operations. 

  • 1947 – We made our first strategic alliance -—McCormick Mexico— with McCormick & Company. The Hernández-Pons family’s mayonnaise recipe, which included lime juice, makes McCormick mayonnaise the market leader in Mexico.


We became one of the leading distribution companies in the country, marketing a wide variety of highly locally and internationally renowned brands and products throughout the country. The size of our operations and sales doubled.


1962 – Enrique and Ignacio Hernández-Pons create our first owned line of products with the Herdez brand. We began to market canned mushrooms, peas, tomato puree, and shrimp. 

The Company sponsored a TV show in Mexico called “Domingos Herdez” (Herdez Sundays), which aired for 12 years. The phrase “Con toda confianza…es Herdez” was born.


1970 – Enrique Hernández-Pons —“The Duke” of Herdez— took over the leadership of the Company, and along with his brother, Ignacio, incorporated Herdez, S.A. de C.V., with which we started an export strategy for new products.

After acquiring the Doña María mole sauce plant, we became the first company to make mole on an industrial scale.


  • 1980 – The plants in San Luis Potosi and Ensenada are inaugurated. We entered the apiculture business with the acquisition of the Miel Carlota honey plant.

  • 1987 – Fundación Herdez, A.C. is formed with the commitment to contribute and disseminate new food possibilities in Mexico. It currently engages in the research and preservation of Mexican gastronomic heritage.


We incorporated Grupo Herdez, S.A.B. de C.V., and we made our Initial Public Offering on the Mexican Stock Exchange with the ticker HERDEZ.

With the acquisition of Grupo Búfalo, we innovate in our packaging by using the iconic glass bottles of salsa Búfalo.

We aquired Pescados de Chiapas and entered the tuna fish category.


  • 2000 – In association with Barilla, we established Barilla Mexico and we began to produce and market pasta in the Mexican market.

  • 2004 – Enrique and Héctor Hernández Pons Torres, sons of Don Enrique Hernández-Pons, become CEO and Deputy CEO of the Company.

  • 2006 – We established the Herdez Nutre social responsibility program, today is known as Saber Nutrir, aimed at fighting malnutrition in Mexico.

  • 2007 – We signed a collaboration agreement between Fundación Herdez and the Mexican Food Bank Association to manage in-kind donations.

  • 2008 – We formed Herdez Del Fuerte in association with Grupo Kuo. We obtained our first Corporate Social Responsibility( ESR) award and the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Award. We published our first Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

  • 2009 – Through our Herdez Del Fuerte partnership and in alliance with Hormel foods, we established MegaMex, a subsidiary with operations in the United States, to bring the best of Mexican food to this market. We implemented an employee welfare program. 

    The Herdez Nutre program reached the State of Chiapas.


  • 2010 – We entered into a partnership with Aires de Campo —a leading company in the marketing of organic products in Mexico.

  • 2011 – We strengthened MegaMex’s portfolio with the acquisition of Don Miguel brand and Fresherized Foods —a leading company in the production of guacamole in the United States— in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

    The Herdez Nutre program evolved to Saber Nutrir, which focuses on food education.

    We applied and position ourselves in the Sustainability Index of the Mexican Stock Exchange for the first time. 

  • 2012 – We signed the United Nations Global Compact and we are included in the Global Environmental Management Initiative(GEMI), leading global initiatives to create collaborative sustainability solutions in companies.

    We signed an agreement to install the “El Duque” Cogeneration Plant, with which we began our consumption of clean energy in our operation.

  • 2013 – We acquired Grupo Nutrisa, extending our portfolio to the frozen segment and positioning ourselves as a leader in the growing health and wellness industry in Mexico.

    Through Saber Nutrir, we made an alliance with Fundación ProMazahua, and we created the “Voluntario Saber Nutrir” and “Padrino Saber Nutrir” programs, strengntening our social responsability program capacities.

    We are included in the Sustainable Consumer Price Index (IPC) of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

  • 2014 -We celebrated the Company’s centenary with record net sales that exceeded $14 billion pesos and total net income of $1,500 million pesos.

    The Herdez brand received a Declaration of Famous Brand by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

    Through Saber Nutrir, we joined efforts with Child Fund as our second strategic social responsibility ally to fight malnutrition in Tapachula, Chiapas.

  • 2015 – We acquired the assets of Helados Nestlé and expands our offer of frozen products.

    Búfalo received a Declaration of Famous Brand by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

    Our notable investments in fixed assets included the modernization of the Los Mochis distribution center, the purchase of the “El Duque” tuna fishing boat, and the opening of 58 Nutrisa stores.

    The Company publishes its Gender Equality Policy, promoting a work environment with better conditions of equality for its employees.

  • 2016 – The Del Fuerte and Doña María brands received a Declaration of Famous Brand by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

    MegaMex receives three awards: Progressive Grocer magazine’s Editor’s Picks for Herdez® guacamole sauce; purchase recommendation in the Convenience Store Decisions magazine for our Don Miguel® The Bomb Chipotle Chicken Burrito, and Ethnic Food category Captain award by Progressive Grocer magazine.

  • 2017 – We helped in the reconstruction of Mexico after the September 2016 earthquakes, and donated 100 tons of product, 19,000 liters of water, and $9 million pesos.

    The 30th anniversary of Fundación Herdez is celebrated with the publication of Colección Tonacayotl: Nuestro Sustento.

    We joined the alliance “Éntrale” to promote work inclusion of people with disabilities.

  • 2018 – The image of Nutrisa is renovated to align the brand with the world of natural life and well-being. The Nutrisa brand received a Declaration of Famous Brand from the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

  • 2019 – We expanded and strengthened our brand portfolio with the incorporation of two top Mexican brands: Cielito Querido Café and Moyo, which were joined to our frozen and retail segment.

    We inaugurated our first 7 lactation rooms, aiming to balance our female collaborator’s work and family life in a practical and satisfactory manner.


  • 2020: We launched the first edition of Semillero Nutrisa. Together with Nutrisa and the Victoria147 business academy for women, we invited women entrepreneurs to participate in a training program to improve the management of their businesses and have the potential to become part of our supply chain.

We established our first technological alliance with Google, which will allow us to accelerate the digital transformation of Grupo Herdez through the use of Google Cloud Platform tools such as BigQuery ML, Looker, among others.

Through the Herdez® brand and Aires de Campo® we joined the “Sowing a New Normality” initiative, promoted by the civil society organizations Ríos Tarango and Ectágono, which aims to increase the vegetation cover of the environmentally valuable area Barranca de Tarango.

  • 2021: We developed the Group’s second proprietary e-commerce platform, with the Nutrisa® online store.

We updated the apps through which we manage the loyalty programs of our retail brands, Cielito Querido Café® and Nutrisa®, improving our customers’ in-store experience.

During the year, 15 formulas had their nutritional profile strengthened by reducing some critical added nutrients (sugars, sodium and saturated fats).

  • 2022: We expanded our capabilities into new categories through the acquisition of Interdeli and Deli, Dips & Snacks. Integrating brands such as Libanius, Flaveur, Liguria and Señor Cactus into our portfolio.

We Issued the first sustainability bond through which we
committed to a 25% reduction in our water consumption.

Together with our partner McCormick & Company, Inc. we
brought the most iconic Mexican cuisine to the tables of the United Kingdom
through meal kits, sauces and condiments under the Herdez® brand.
  In less than a year, we obtained a 5.5% shelf
share in the Tesco supermarket chain.

We consolidated the integration of Chilim Balam® into retail brands, a leading brand in the snack segment