mission and vision

Fundación Herdez, A.C. is a nonprofit philanthropic association created to provide a service to the civil society in our country. Founded in 1987 by Enrique Hernández-Pons, its headquarters are located in the Historic Center of Mexico City.
Our mission is for our projects to contribute to the promotion of research, education and improvement of nutritional development in Mexico.
The strategies we have designed to achieve our goals focus on the following areas:

  • Social:  to solve the food needs of the civil society through in-kind donations, both during natural disasters and on a regular basis.
  • Educational: to create educational programs and models that strengthen the formation of individuals and communities. To disseminate information about food and nutrition among the various strata of the population.
  • Cultural: to research, preserve, enhance and propagate the vast Mexican cuisine heritage, as well as our culinary traditions and the features comprising our national identity.
  • Scientific and technological: to develop research projects on agriculture, fishing, farming, beekeeping and food packaging designed to create new food products, improve existing ones, increase their production and make them available to the majority of the population.
Fundación Herdez