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Welcome to Grupo Herdez, S.A.B. de C.V. (hereinafter referred as Grupo Herdez) web site http://www.grupoherdez.com.mx and/or any other web site where the User be re directed by the main web site (the “Web Site”). Please read carefully this Terms and Conditions. By accessing or using the Web Site you agree without restriction to be bound by this Legal Terms and Conditions.

This Web Site may be freely access by any User, on the understanding that it use will be private and exclusively. A User will mean any person or company who access to the Web Site that agrees with the Legal Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to follow and be bound by this Legal Terms and Conditions, you may not access, use or download materials from this Web Site.

This Web Site has the purpose to provide the User, the general Financial Statements and Relevant Events of Grupo Herdez, there is not warrant or imply that the Information could satisfy the User. The Information is only illustrative, the User interpretation is personal.

Grupo Herdez reserves his right to change the Information, content and/or images posted on the Web Site at any time.

User agrees to use the Web Site, contents and/or services diligently, according with the Legal Terms and Conditions, as well as the Law, ethics, public order and accepted customs.

Grupo Herdez reserves his right to deny or withdrawn the access to the Web Site and/or services herein at any time without any notice to the User who does not comply with the Legal Terms and Conditions.

The financial situation on the Web Site, is express in nominal Mexican pesos unless otherwise stated, this Web Site will be use and referred for illustrative purposes for Users worldwide. Regarding to the above mentioned, the financial expressions will be in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standars (IFRS).

By accessing to the Web Site, the User agrees that Grupo Herdez is not responsible for broken connection, breakdown, failure or disqualification on the Web Site not attributable to Grupo Herdez; as well as it will not be responsible of any kind of technical failures, including damages on Users computer or any related person that access to the Web Site or use or download related materials or Information, for non-authorized human intervention, for delays, distortions or interferences on telephone, computer or any kind of failures, electronic, human or mechanic. Grupo Herdez will not have any kind of liability for any kind of loss caused by a virus that could infect the Users computer or any other property. If the User downloads any kind of materials will be on his own risk.

Grupo Herdez reserves its right to restrict or put an end to the Web Site access, to the User who intentionally tries to harm or modify the Web Site or any section of it, or harm, modify or obstruct the operation of the Web Site. Any act above mentioned is a Federal and Local Law infringement; consequently Grupo Herdez reserves his right to seek damage and losses.

The Information on the Web Site such as Assessments, Corporate Organization, Geographic Organization, Financial Statements, Sales Analysis, Current Bylaws, Presentations, Relevant Events, Reports, Contact Information, Credit Ratings, Images, Texts, Trademarks, Products (the “Information”), are Grupo Herdez property, his owners or licensees, as well as information sources and/or news media (properly referred in respective notices), therefore it will be protected by international treats and Mexican Laws.

Nothing on this Web Site should be consider as a grant of license or gives the right to use the Information posted, the use is forbidden in full or partial reproduction of the Information or any material contained on the Web Site.

This Web Site could contain or could not contain a “blog” or chat room to expose different kind of interest matters related to Grupo Herdez activity, in accordance to the above mentioned Grupo Herdez act as a moderator on the “blog” or chat room and the opinions, comments and/or notes from the Users, will only show their personal opinions and/or judgment, regarding to the above mentioned, Grupo Herdez is not responsible for opinions, comments and/or notes from Users. However Grupo Herdez reserves his right to delete the offensive, racist comments or any comment that could offend other people, Grupo Herdez and/or its trademarks.

Lastest Update: July 25th, 2013