In 2018, we spent 15 million pesos on employee training, which allowed for a total of 158,058 hours, equivalent to an average of 16 hours per employee.
Year after year we encourage the continued development of our employees with ongoing plans for communication, feedback and recognition; employee benefits that surpass industry standards, with no gender distinction; and the application of codes, values and policies that enable them to perform their work with an ethical approach.

During 2017, we increased our training budget by more than half a million pesos, which allowed us to give 13 percent more training and development hours, on topics such as administration, technical training, environmental management, health, safety and corporate values.

During this year, the training projects with the greatest impact were the WCM efficiency program and the closure of the campaign to reinforce the Code of Ethics, which began in 2017.

At least once a year, 38% of our full-time employees receive an evaluation of their performance, through different methodologies such as: attachment to profile, administration by objectives or quarterly evaluations. These evaluations allow us to objectively establish productivity incentives, promotions or horizontal changes within the organization, as well as salary increases.