Grupo Herdez’s success is based on honesty, achievement focus and teamwork, which result in trust, both in the Company and in those who are a part of it.

Our Code of Ethics adheres to laws and regulations anywhere we operate and it applies to all our staff and business relationships. It considers the following topics:

  • Prohibition of conflicts of interest.
  • Absolute rejection of any form of bribery, discrimination and harassment.
  • Fair dealing with customers, suppliers, competitors and employees.
  • Neutrality in politics and religion, as well as a ban on donations to political parties.
  • Absolute whistleblowing confidentiality.

The Audit Committee is responsible of notifying any breaches of Group policies to the Board of Directors.

Channels of communication to report complaints and suggestions:

  • Toll-free line 01 800 CONFIANZA
  • E-mail:
  • Mailboxes at each location