• We are leaders in the processed food sector and an important player in the ice cream category in Mexico, and in the Mexican food segment in the United States.

  • We participate in a wide range of categories, including burritos, canned vegetables, guacamole, home-style salsas, honey, ice cream, jam, ketchup, mayonnaise, mole, mustard, organic food, pasta, spices, tea, tomato puree and tuna.

    We sell our products through a portfolio of exceptional brands, which include Aires de Campo®, Barilla®, Búfalo®, Chi-Chi’s®, Del Fuerte®, Don Miguel®, Doña María®, Embasa®, Helados Nestlé®, Herdez®, La Victoria®, McCormick®, Nutrisa®, Wholly Guacamole® and Yemina®.

    In addition, we have distribution agreements in Mexico for Frank’s, French’s, Kikkoman®, Ocean Spray® and Reynolds® products.

  • The Group’s infrastructure is comprised of 15 plants (13 in Mexico, 1 in the United States and 1 in Peru), 24 distribution centers (22 in Mexico and 2 in the United States), 7 tuna vessels, 479 Nutrisa stores and a workforce of more than 9,400 employees.

    The Company was founded in 1914 and has been listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange since 1991 under the ticker symbol HERDEZ*.